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May 03, 2011
"I can wiggle it a bit but then I feel it rubbing against the other tooth so I stop"
May 02, 2011
"I dont know if the topic is right... Anyway my problem is that I have a fully grown in tooth that has pushed the other 'baby tooth' to the side. Usually when this happens the other tooth falls out right? thats what my dentist said but it..."
May 02, 2011
"Hello, Im only 14 so I can only give so much but I have crohn's disease and have felt allot of these symptoms I really recommend seeing a doctor. You may have something serious hiding inside you and you dont want to wait to long to find ..."
May 02, 2011
"I am 14 with dyslexia and I remember that I couldent learn to tie my shoes for a very long time and some times had trouble with my shoes like you said. And even now I still some times struggle with my clothes but with time you learn thin..."