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All great questions to ask your allergist. My kids went 3-5 days inbetween introduction of new foods and we easily id...
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Hi, you may want to ask your physician these questions and/or post also on the anxiety community for support. Nobody ...
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Most cheese have milk protein in them I think (caseine) so avoiding cheese is a good idea to see how you feel. Milk c...
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Do be proactive in discussing with your doctor(s). It's so important .. Good advice above, too!
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It usually isn't too bad .. they numb you first and it's ultrasound guided. I was lucky with just one stick. Others ...
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I agree with SassyLassie .. hope this is helpful
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Hi -- I know it's been awhile but wanted to stop by and say hi, ... hope you're doing well sassylassie!
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UPDATE: My cat is doing very well since her ear polyp surgery. Her eye is slowly getting better .. tiny bit since s...
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Hi there ... not sure if you are in need of member recommendations for a doctor who treats MSK ?
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I think the blood comes from the stone moving around and causing small abrasions to the ureter. With gravity, it usua...
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