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Do you have any issues eating raw vegetables? Just a thought to also look into it ..Oral allegy syndrome .. usually,...
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Hi, How are you feeling? What did any follow up show? Welcome to the community! C~
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Hi , Being that the community is comprised of non-medical volunteers, it is difficult for anyone to give their opini...
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Hi -- could it be an anti-thyroidglobulin test perhaps?
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Just stopping by to say hello -- how is everyone doing? C~
How are you feeling now? What did your doctor say? I hope things are better.
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My daughter did as a teen ... symptoms were not the usual and vague -- including reflux -- then finally it escalated ...
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I'm not a doctor, but glad to share with you that my teenage daughter had dizziness with her gallbladder issues .. it...
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Hi, it's hard to give advice as we aren't physicians. Did they do any other abdominal/pelvic ultrasound at all to see...
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