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Mar 02, 2012 in the Sleep Disorders Community - 2
Is there any effect that hormones may have on sleep patterns at times of high levels or low levels?
Feb 20, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
I understand what everyone is saying but the fear of not sleeping and being able to function in the morning to take care of my baby is literally driving me mad..I need help and just don't know how to get it
Dec 30, 2011 in the Pregnancy: Ages 18-24 Community - 2
I have always suffered from severe insomnia and have taken Ambien for years. Just delivered my baby 3 months ago after taking it the entire pregnancy. All Dr's differ on what they want to give but maybe talk to your Dr about natural ways like Melatonin. I am now taking 10 mg every night around 9 and after 3 weeks am just now starting to notice a differen...
Nov 28, 2011 in the Sleep Disorders Community - 2
I have tried everything I can think of to help my insomnia and to get off the Ambien. Last week I did a sleep study (I took it upon myself to schedule) which showed no apnea or rls but still insomnia with ambien. The Dr didn't even want to see me but I really want help so I made them schedule me even though it is 2 1/2 hours away and I didn't even h...
Nov 27, 2011 in the Bipolar Disorder Community - 4
OK So now new counselor says that my bipolar may just be anxiety disorder from being sexually abused as a child. Anyone ever heard of this? I have been diagnosed bipolar for 18 years
Nov 27, 2011 in the Pregnancy: April 2012 Babies Community - 10
I felt my 1st at 13 weeks. It all depends on your size and the position of your uterus
Nov 27, 2011 in the Pregnancy: Ages 18-24 Community - 3
Drinking protein shakes is really good for this. I had the same problem and they make them for weight gain. Hope this helps
Nov 27, 2011 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
Thank you all
Nov 12, 2011 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
I have been on Ambien since 2007 but now I am having o take more and more and sometimes it still doesn't work. What options do you think I have? Are there better medications to try
Aug 04, 2011 in the Pregnancy: Oct 2011 Babies Community - 21
Well I am still having a tough time with this pregnancy. Acid reflux and nausea and vomiting are horrible for me right now! Baby #4 and this is the first I have really had to deal with these issues. Having lots of weird random pains but finally preterm labor has backed off. Bed rest stinks but I only have 9 weeks left to go before they induce. Sleep is always...