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Nov 17, 2015 in the Neurology Community - 1
Do i have no epilepsy chances with taking sbilify 15 mg?
Jul 19, 2015 in the Brain Health Community - 1
I sinse 2 days ago have extremly brain zaps. Im on 100mg zoloft and 10mg abilify. Why do i have got this brain zaps?
Feb 10, 2015 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 4
I have never had depressions, but anxiety. I want to cold turkey abilify 10 mg and zoloft 100 mg as soon as possible, bechause i am beeing fat, and it getting worse. I also having a very high cholesterol of the hunger the meds making. I esting junkfood and sweets everyday chause this meds. I have never heard voices or seen things that isnt actually there befo...
Nov 20, 2014 in the Brain Health Community - 1
Can cold turkey from 50 mg zoloft to 0mg give me seizures, even when im not pronounced to seizures?
Sep 26, 2013 in the Brain & Body Fitness Expert Forum - 1
2 times this year i have smelled a cemichal smell a few seconds that no one Else Could smell. What Could it be?
Feb 05, 2013 in the Migraines & Headaches Community - 1
I had migraine attacks 3 times in my life. Im nov 27. Does it mean that i can Get migrene more often?
Dec 27, 2012 in the Depression Community
Feeling feverish without having fever, when i stopped taking cipralex. I have feversymptoms, like coldsweating on handpalms, freezing and sweating. but my temperature is only 36.08 celcius. why do i Get this feverfeelings?
Aug 31, 2012 in the Dermatology Community - 1
I mean left hand-palm.
Aug 31, 2012 in the Dermatology Community - 1
What can the reason be?