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Feb 11, 2012
"Is there anyone who is taking Meloxicam that would know how much aspirin is in it? I am allergic to aspirin and just read the printout from the pharmacy. Can't call my dr till Mon. and think maybe I shouldn't take it. On the other hand m..."
Sep 20, 2011
"ya. I get blurred vision off and on all the time. my dad had Lupus too and I remember he would get so mad he'd throw his glasses across the room. I used to think it was so silly, but now I totally understand the frustration! "
Jun 17, 2011
"were you dx with Lupus? I have the burning pain down my arms and legs and feet. Cold air makes it worse. I have Lupus and am on lyrica and vicodin. It gets very frustrating when I get into flares because the pain is worse and the meds ju..."
Jun 12, 2011
"I have given up on the savella suggestion It doesn't sound very promising. Although a lot of people said it helped them, at least twice as many listed horrible side affects Thanks for your input. Mapa"
Jun 12, 2011
"Thank you for all the info. You have been very helpful Mapa"
Jun 11, 2011
"I have been reading a lot of comments about Savella. I don't think I want to try it. I've been reading up on the LDN. Sounds good so far. Are you taking it? I haven;'t seen any postings on long time usage."
Jun 10, 2011
"my rash is always there, but it gets very red while in a flare. I do get it on my neck and chest also. If I'm in the sun for very long it will feel rough, but always goes back to smooth. Hope this helps you."
Jun 08, 2011
"Has anyone taken Savella? My neurologist had me on 60mg of Cymbalta twice a day. In only a few months time I gained 40 lb! My pain doctor suggested I back off the cymbalta and take Savella. I would like to hear what others have to say ab..."
Jun 07, 2011
"are the blackouts when you stand up from a sitting or lying position? When you say extreme weakness is it also fatigue so bad you can not do normal activities like climb stairs or some days can hardly get out of bed? With the nausea do y..."