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Feb 19, 2013
Feb 18, 2013
"I'm ct actually."
Feb 18, 2013
"I was just reading through your posts to see where you were. Good luck, hoping it's all good. Please keep me posted. Did you post anywhere about the sx? "
Feb 18, 2013
"interested in hearing from anyone who did 7977/BMS (no riba)... thanks."
Feb 09, 2013
"I hope it went well. Godspeed to you."
Jan 10, 2013
"Could you please post the clinical trial number - NCT if you have it. I looked up and there were a couple of trials with 5885/sofosbuvir/riba but it seemed like they were either for tx-naive or cirrhotics. I want the l..."
Jan 08, 2013
"Sounds pretty amazing to me... "Gilead today announced full data from one cohort of the ongoing Phase 2 ELECTRON study examining a 12-week course of all-oral therapy with sofosbuvir, GS-5885 and ribavirin (RBV) among genotype 1 HCV pa..."
Dec 01, 2012
"AWESOME INDEED!!!! That's really amazing. Not to steal your thunder (or whatever the expression is) but my 24 week post tx pcr was undetectable (it was actually a little less that 24 2wks)"
Nov 23, 2012
"yeah...I'm anxiously awaiting the results from my (almost) 24 weeks post...should have it early next week.I couldn't get much information from my trial coordinator. I know they had 9 subjects/patients, my guess is 6 on the 12 week, some ..."
Nov 23, 2012
"I just came on to see about your VL. So happy to read this..."