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May 15, 2013
"Hi Willy -- Thanks for your posts. I hear you. Curious though, what did you mean by -- "I think that they favor that topic so as to take some of the emphasis off of the medical field as a vector."?? I have no idea how I got Hep C and ..."
May 13, 2013
"Asle -- Well Said! I agree. Frank -- I hear what you're saying in terms of tx related dental complications (you should get that checked out) but duuuudddde....this is Not a forum for stereotyping remarks. Venting -- yes. Pooh..."
May 12, 2013
"Yes, thank you again my friends. But does anyone have articles or stats/ links to back this up?? I need something to show my doctor, from a known/reliable source. Thanks, Bee"
May 09, 2013
"Wow. I did have dry mouth during tx, and used Biotene. I remember getting uptodate on all of my doctor visits, pre-tx but will have to search my old posts to see if I went to the dentist. I have decay underneath a crown, which just se..."
May 08, 2013
"Knock, knock, Penny?? Knock, knock, Penny?? Hi there everyone. Haven't been on the boards in awhile, as I have been dealing with multiple health issues since tx (which failed for me). My doc doesn't think it's due to tx, since the dr..."
Apr 22, 2013
"Hiiii Frijole, I have not been on the forum in several months, but am happy to see you are keeping track for so many. Your work is such a blessing and helpful tool. I will take a look at the spreadsheets when I have a bit more time, a..."
Nov 28, 2012
"Hey Hector! Thanks for this post! I have no idea what category I would fall into, as I don't know what the "F" means (pardon the pun) in F0-F4, etc. Would that have been on my labs? If so, I will look when I get home and have more ..."
Oct 30, 2012
"Haayyyy Karen!! Good to hear from you. So glad to hear you are SVR, especially with the incredibly difficult journey you had during tx. I'll have to catch up on Hector's progress. Rockymoe -- Yes, you're right. It does help whenev..."
Oct 25, 2012
"Hey Rocky! Your situation is unique. How long did you wait between each treatment?? Have you had the same doctor(s) throughout? Is there something they can do other than put you through weeks and weeks of meds again?? As for me, t..."
Sep 28, 2012
"Hello my friend! Sorry to hear this. For now, see if you get relief from soaking with Epsom Salts, and putting Bengay on at night. Advil or Aleve, if that's alowed for you. At my post check up, my doc mentioned that my bone marrow wa..."