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Dec 04, 2011
"We find out in 10 days, CAN NOT WAIT!! If it's a girl, she's going to be Saskia Frankie, and if it's a boy, he's going to be Max - Can't decide on a middle name if it's a boy, but I want to honour my Dad who I lost 6 years ago. S..."
Oct 07, 2011
"Firstly, I am so very sorry to hear about what happened to your boyfriend, that is absolutely awful, I'm really sorry :( If you take a test on the day after your period was due, you may not have had enough of the prgnancy hormone in y..."
Oct 07, 2011
"From what I know, it's not unusal to spot a little. That happened to me too, and I got cramps around the same time. It went on for a few days, but I had my scan on 5th Oct, and all is well. Hope this helps :)"
Sep 03, 2011
"Well, I'm due to turn 41 in one week, and have JUST found out I am 4 1/2 weeks pregnant!! I had a very good feeling I was, I had these symptoms - late period, sore breasts, cramping, light spotting, feeling dizzy & faint, headaches, l..."
Aug 04, 2011
"Thanks again for all of your very informative comments and suggestions. I've checked the food I'm giving him, and according to that, it has all the vitamins and minerals in he needs. It also states that he can have 2-3 pouches per day...."
Jul 27, 2011
"Thanks again for your comments. I will certainly look in to this, and see what is a safe way to try to reduce his weight. I hope I'm not starving them!!! And it's good to know that a Vet says that cats tolerate being overweight - I ..."
Jul 26, 2011
"Thank you all for your comments. By 'meat', I mean pouches of cat food - little cubes of meat in either a jelly or gravy. I used to give them half a pouch of this, and some biscuits (dry cat food), mixed in, twice a day. I've now..."
Jul 25, 2011
"Hi, I have a problem with my cat! He's 9 years old, and weighs 17lbs. He had a brother, who sadly passed away last year, so it was difficult to monitor what he ate, because his brother would only eat what he wanted, then leave som..."
Jul 03, 2011
"I'm interested in this product, but I've had a serious liver injury. I have been given a full bill of health now, but for obvious reasons, I don't want to take anything that may have an adverse effect on my liver. Also, I don't hav..."
Jul 03, 2011
"Hi, I had acute alcoholic hepatitis in July 2010, and nearly died. Luckily, I pulled through, and have been given a full bill of health. I know how fortunate I am. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since, and won't ever do ..."