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Sep 05, 2012
"I think the more you make a fuss the more likely the behaviour will remain. He is her father and this territorial stuff is fairly normal. Do you have children? I still have our kids occasionally jump into bed with us. (Admittedly it is ..."
Sep 04, 2012
"Go to a rhuematologist they may be able to help you."
Sep 03, 2012
"Fire Stations often run programs about lighting fires and they will be ablr to tell you stright away if there is a problem good luck"
Sep 09, 2011
"We recently adopted a black lab that I sometimes have up as my profile pic... He was hyper and crazy and still has a tendency to do that but he has settled down to the point of walking by my side unleashed. He has a tendency to like othe..."
Sep 02, 2011
"They are probably nothing they are just a skin irritation. Don't be embarassed to go to the dr though if it is bothering you.. They have seen it all. Hope this helps"
Aug 11, 2011
"Hi Ducks are great pets the only thing they do is poo a lot so your back door step is always gross. If this doesn't bother you they are fantastic and great pets. They love a cuddle and love plenty of water. You must have water all the ti..."
Aug 11, 2011
"Hi, You could be pregnant. Why don't you look after yourself? Please get a test and check and while you are there buy a packet of condoms. Go on the pill if he doesn't like condoms. Look fater yourself. Take care"
Aug 10, 2011
"Hi, I think you may of gotten pregnant to the old boyfriend i can't be sure. The only way to know is a paternity test. This tells you who the father is. "
Aug 10, 2011
"Hi, Im so sad to read this. I think you have to believe that there are some monsters out there but most people are essentially good. This makes me so mad that these people get away with these atrocities. Unfortunately you have try to put..."
Aug 10, 2011
"Hi our son was recently diagnosed with autism and we also found out that he has anaemia as well. This has been explained as probably not getting the right amount of iron from his diet as he has huge food issues. He is on a supplement and..."