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Apr 29
"OMG Sarah!!!! eight years that is a big number to conceive of clean / sober. I am impressed and awed by you, two feelings you often inspire in me. Congratulations, you are one of the rocks here at medhelp and i appreciate all the help..."
Apr 26
"Very sorry to hear this sweet Debbie. I am here if u need to talk. I love you and hope you find some solace soon. Thinking of you."
Apr 17
"hey muffer it sounds like you are doing great! it took a lot of courage to CT, my hat goes off to you. the worst part is usually the first 7-10 days; some say less time; it kind of depends on your personal chemistry. everything you're..."
Apr 10
"I'm not the 'Pusher Man' or nothing lol and by no means do i want to advance that tired debate '12 step or not'. sometimes.(a lot of times) I don't even like 12 step! I just feel at this point that I will grab up *whatever * might eve..."
Apr 10
"i remember you, t, and wow can i relate. i had a year clean and i just relapsed, now i have about 22 days or something ... my d.o.c. was Vicodin / opiates. I have struggled for SO long with the questions you bring up, as well as many o..."
Apr 02
"hey there, idk if what i say will help you, but i just wanted to tell you that i detoxed off benzos and opiates, and i had a year clean and just relapsed, thinking many of the thoughts you describe above. it really wasnt worth it. once..."
Mar 28
"even at a low dose, i would err on the side of caution and taper it. benzos are such a horrible detox, make it as easy and smooth as it can be. i wouldn't suggest anyone ever ct off a benzo. good luck . :))"
Mar 14
"hey platypus you have a lot going on here!!! i am not sure quite where to start or even what to tell you. yes, it is good to be off benzos. but you must taper off, don't ever try to go cold turkey. it seems like you know this already..."
Mar 14
"ps you CAN do it!!!"
Mar 14
"sup lola? i thought you had heart issues or something ... not sure what it was but it seemed serious. maybe i am mistaken? it took me a very long time to get back energy, drive and a will to live. i had to go through months of apathy..."