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Jun 19, 2012
"Thanks Grace. I saw that online to/the chelitis. Idk it just was so close to the time i messed w/that other guy and i'm terified to give my bf something. It has got better/my mouth =) Still a little iritatated around it/small little pain..."
Jun 17, 2012
"hi Grace/all. so its been a cpl weeks since i was asking bout HSV/oral. I have had some splitting at the corners of my mouth and also some weird pain/stinging around my mouth. Was looking around online and read some ppl's storys bout HSV..."
May 31, 2012
"Hi Petal/Grace. Well thx for the answer/ ur not thinking its hsv1 on my mouth does help some/i'm not haveing any issues genitaly just on my mouth/ but no sores just some pain/discomfort and i guess u could say tingling/warm feelings so i..."
May 31, 2012
"Hey Grace. Well yeah i guess i am kinda paranoid bout it. Just bc its a big deal to me and i wanna know if the symptoms i have cb from hsv. The tingling is still there/comes n gos and its a little numb?? in the same area of my lower lip ..."
May 30, 2012
"Hi Grace =] No i haven't been retested again/i was last fall and was neg for hsv. I never knew my igg results or anything tho. They just said neg for herpes. I was tested in April 2011 and Sept 2011 at 2 diff places. I haven't had an gen..."
May 26, 2012
"hey grace/all. =] So it's been a long time since i posted on here/jan was last time. I had a scarey time last year re herpes but came out neg on 2 separate tests. U told me over and over i didn't have it and u were ffwd to now...."
Jan 11, 2012
"hi grace =] Wanted to ask u this q. I've been pretty lo in last sev days since i stupidly got the unprotected oral. What r the chances i got oral hsv1 and gen hsv2 both from this encounter?? I know its said that oral is safe/lo risk but ..."
Jan 10, 2012
"Well i hope not Grace. I know this is a busy place n i know my q is kinda vanilla. But i was really good/smart bout thingsand now this. I know u mite get a empty chamber playing rusian roluette but i guess the only way to avoid the bulle..."
Jan 10, 2012
"But i was stupid."
Jan 10, 2012
"Anyone? Would i feel irriateted/skin in the next day or so from herpes? I just looked at my penis and theres no bumps or nething but its irrtiateted. Could this be from it being sucked hard/roughly? And the tongue was rough/dry/from blaz..."