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Mar 20, 2012
"To whom it may concern; I just found out that I have genital herpes. I don't know what to do next, seeing obgyn tomorrow after having a pap smear on Tuesday because she said I am all inflamed down there. I feel ashamed, sad, angr..."
Dec 11, 2011
" there a cure? Hi, I have suffered from Clinical Depression/Bipolar for many years. I am a 41 year old woman and I noticed since I was a little girl I was "different" than my friends. I cried easily, I was very shy, I ..."
Dec 09, 2011
"Hi, well, she said I have Osteoarthritis in my neck and back, I have very low vit D because there was calcium build up in my bones, I have hardly any motion in my neck (to the right and left) and I have mild to moderate scoliosis. I've ..."
Dec 06, 2011
"Hello, how are you tonight? This is my problem among others but right now this is the one that is causing me pain and causing me not to do things I want to do because of pain and swelling. I have a little hunch that I've had since I wa..."
Dec 05, 2011
"Have you tried in-home therapy? I have a therapist who comes to me once a week through the clinic that I go to. You should call a bunch of mental health clinics and see if they have a program that can do that for you to help you. The ..."
Aug 29, 2011
"I really think you should go to your doctor or a clinic. That is the only way you will know what is going on with you. I'm sorry you are going through this. Until you see a doctor I would try real hard not to do anything in case you h..."