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May 02, 2012
"Dear Mcmargo, Thanks for writing in. All sort of fungi are contagious and can spread from one body part to another. Athlete’s foot is a tough fungal infection and needs to be cured completely as it can come back again and again...."
Mar 28, 2012
"Dear nyc123nyc, Thanks for writing in. Scabies presents as itchy bumps and rashes especially in the folds of the body like groin, fingers, axillae, etc. The itching is more at night and one can’t sleep at times. It is unlikely tha..."
Mar 28, 2012
"Dear max2025, Thanks for writing in. Circumcision can result in discoloration of the glans and that is seen in many cases of circumcision. Tunnels left after the surgery and excess tissue is an after effect of poorly done surgery ..."
Mar 25, 2012
"Dear na751, Thanks for writing in. Bacterial infection in hairy areas and body folds like axillae is common and nothing that you need to be worried about. Infection can spread from skin appendages to the draining lymph nodes and c..."
Mar 25, 2012
"Dear mrblu760, Thanks for writing in. A single erythematous non itchy, non painful lesion without any discharge or elevation on the glans is most likely to be due to mild trauma that would have occurred due to constant friction du..."
Mar 23, 2012
"Dear Eva115, Thanks for writing in. After reading your history and viewing the pictures, it is very unlikely that you could be suffering from tinea infection currently. Tinea infections are quite itchy. Also, most of the times..."
Mar 08, 2012
"Dear dustindoobie, Thanks for writing back. Pustules can sometimes persist for a while as antibiotics kill the bacteria in the pus; but fluid fails to dry up. In such a condition, a topical antibiotic cream can be continued and the..."
Mar 05, 2012
"Dear dustindoobie, Thanks for writing in. The lesions that you have described in the groin area are most probably pustules. These are caused by a bacterial infection and one need to take oral and topical antibiotics to treat the ..."
Feb 27, 2012
"Dear chris224737, Thanks for your query. I understand your concern. I do not think that you are suffering from any sexually transmitted disease(STD). If the red spot hasn’t enlarged, bled and it does not itch, you need not wo..."
Feb 10, 2012
"Dear Nickname2000, Thanks for your query. Going by your exhaustive history and taking into consideration the relation of your symptoms to intercourse and masturbation, I am quite sure that you are not suffering from any sort of a..."