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Mar 19, 2012 in the Lung Cancer Expert Forum - 1
Dear EyesofBlue55, Thanks for writing in. Firstly, I would like to let you know that limital small cell cancer is a different entity from non small cell lung carcinoma. This cancer, in contrast to NSLC, progresses very fast. But the good part is that it is sensitive to both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This cancer spreads microscopically even in limit...
Feb 16, 2012 in the Breast Cancer Expert Forum - 1
Dear Sregeem, I understand your concern. There is no need to worry. Your symptoms are suggestive of an infection, considering that you are still nursing your son. A course of antibiotics is needed along with warm compresses to promote drainage. Antibiotics like flucloxacillin are often used and you should consult your physician for the same. Further, gi...