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Jan 05, 2012 in the Neonatology Expert Forum - 5
Dear raj887, Thanks for reverting. From the description provided, it is obvious that the problem lasted for a short while, but we do not know its cause yet. I understand your concern about the neurological sequelae but it is important to note that the history of this episode may be important for some minor issues like say delayed grasp power, memor...
Jan 02, 2012 in the Neonatology Expert Forum - 5
Dear raj887, I am sorry for what your baby had to go through. The most important thing here is to realize that there is no direct cause and effect relationship between episodes of hypoxia, acidosis, respiratory distress, pneumothorax (though all these are interrelated and can be following each other) and the neurological outcome. As you too may be aware, s...
Nov 08, 2011 in the Pediatrics Expert Forum - 3
Dear blondie12, The chatter like movements that you describe is known as “jitteriness”. Neonates have an immature nervous system which gradually develops as they grow. This might cause jittery movements in some infants for the first several weeks of birth. If it is present occasionally since birth and your infant is otherwise healthy/active, I d...