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Dear rondoo, I have gone through your query. Primary hypertension generally sets in between 30 t0 50 years of age. And Hypertension is defined as BP more than 140/90. So definitely, you do not have hypertension as yet irrespective of your earlier BP. Your current readings fall into a category known as prehypertension. By definition, it is systolic BP b...
Nov 05, 2011 in the Heart Rhythm Expert Forum - 1
Dear Jesse1188, Thanks for the query. I have gone through the details that you have provided. Your arthritis and easy fatigue are likely to be related to hemochromatosis. However, the paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia that you mention may not be related to hemochromatosis. Ventricular ectopics may be seen secondary to cardiomyopathy. But I have no...
Nov 01, 2011 in the Heart Rhythm Expert Forum - 2
Dear cb23243, I have gone through the details of your query. I too think that it is most likely sinus tachycardia that you are experiencing. Supraventricular tachycardias generally have a sudden onset and offset which does not appear to be the case with you. I would advise you to focus on tackling the anxiety component. It should also help to bring the hea...
Oct 27, 2011 in the Heart Rhythm Expert Forum - 5
Dear Jill, Thanks for the additional information. Having palpitations a few times every week actually means that you are symptomatic. During the loop recording were you able to correlate the symptoms with the occurrence of the SVT on the recordings? Discuss this with your cardiologist who performed the loop recording. If the symptoms correlate with th...
Oct 24, 2011 in the Heart Rhythm Expert Forum - 5
Dear Jill, I have gone through your query and noted the details. SVTs (supraventricular tachycardia) are generally very benign. Since you are asymptomatic and your loop showed short self terminating runs I do not think there is a cause for concern. In very simple terms, SVTs are due to a sudden short circuit in the electrical activity of the heart, r...
Oct 13, 2011 in the Heart Rhythm Expert Forum - 3
Dear theolocke, I have noted the details provided in the query. All the work up done till now is not consistent with features of 'Coronary Artery Disease'. Your blood pressure also appears to be under control. ST elevation though is a classical sign of a heart attack; it can be seen in other situations such as 'Early Repolarizati...