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May 21, 2013 in the Chlamydia Community - 7
Well to b e honest. She cheated. There is really no other way to get it. I have yeast infections all the time and it never turned into chlamydia. So why you were gone,she was doing something she was not suppose to do and just got caught. Sorry about this.
I was wondering what was an good diet to help you concieve when you have pcos?
I just started metformin like an month again and it is suppose to regulate your cycle and I have heard it increases your chances of getting pregnant because it helps you lose weight and that means that your ovulation will start working normal because the weight can stop you from normal.I have tried clomid and I did get pregnant the first try.I did miscarry bu...
Oct 03, 2012 in the Thyroid Disorders Community - 1
Just a note before you read: I did take clomid 50mg and concieve on the first round and miscarried at six weeks and had an DnC on Dec 23,2011 It was hard for me to get pregnant and my cycle didn't come at all so my dr. had given me provera and then evenually gave me birth control for three months to regulate me so it worked! Sep 10 I cycled on my ow...
Sep 09, 2012 in the Pregnancy: Ages 18-24 Community - 7
It can be an yeast infection,do it look a lil white or grayish and like cottage cheese chucks??
Sep 09, 2012 in the Pregnancy: Ages 18-24 Community - 2
Yes sometimes bleeding can be normal in your first month(s) but three days,u should go get checked,thats how I started before I miscarried but get checked to b sure everything is ok!! Wishing you lucky results!!
Sep 09, 2012 in the Pregnancy: Ages 18-24 Community - 5
DO NOT use vicks unless it's the the vicks that blow in the air!!
Apr 21, 2012 in the Fertility / Infertility / IVF Community - 3
I was facing the same problem as yal. I don't ovulate on my own at all and what I don't understand is why the Dr. put you on clomid because you don't have enough progesterone in your body and you need it for a healthy pregnancy.I had an miscarriage on clomid and low levels of progesterone but now I'm using the progesterone cream around my ...
Jan 01, 2012 in the Pregnancy: Ages 18-24 Community - 9
Taylor(girl) and Tyler(boy)
Jan 01, 2012 in the Pregnancy: Ages 18-24 Community - 2
Cramping is normal as long as its not bad cause I jus had a miscarriage and it started da same out so calm down and DONT STRESS....HAPPY NINE MONTHS TO U!!