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Sep 21, 2013
"a doctor told me PVC's are stress. mine seem to go waves. for awhile I get them and then I don't. he told me to find things to keep me busy. I used to get them bad at bedtime. now I read just before sleep and its cut them right down so I..."
Sep 19, 2013
"probably medication is the go for you. my mother has atrial fibrillation and she takes atenol and it works excellent. doesn't control the rhythm, but controls the speed and her high blood pressure well. she takes 75mg a day (50 in the mo..."
Sep 19, 2013
"I have SVT too, you are safe to exercise. I use my exercise bike twice a day. in fact exercise helps it. I use an exercise bike for my back problem (scoliosis, arthritis). years ago I used to run. of course I can't now because my back is..."
Oct 27, 2012
"give it up not good for you heart and other organs like liver and kidneys. hospital told me to avoid alcohol because it can trigger SVT. they say I can drink beer moderately. also too much booze will dehydrate you severely which can upse..."
Dec 28, 2011
"hi everyone. I've managed to reduce my night time palpitations by lieing on my back when I sleep and not moving plus clear my mind of any stress. I used to get them nearly every night, with this method I've cut them right down and rarely..."
Sep 09, 2011
"my mother had a cardioversion for AFIB, it only lasted 3 months. the cardiologist didn't want to try another one, she's taking atenol now to maintain a normal heart rate *cardioversions are normally just a quick method to get it back ..."
Sep 09, 2011
"hi. my mother was zapped it only lasted 3 she takes atenol to control her atrial fibrallation & cartia (aspirin) to prevent blood clots forming, doctors told us you can live with a heart out of rhythm as long as its not goin..."
Sep 08, 2011
"I've got the same symptoms too like...heart palpitations, upset stomach, chest & throat pressure. I have a gassy drink when I get the palpitations which helps a lot..also I have difficulty in burping, so I live on gassy drinks everyday t..."
Sep 06, 2011
"as its coming and going sounds like SVT. mine does the same particularly at night feels like sledgehammer in my chest"
Sep 05, 2011
"here is my method-I inhale in air, insert my thumb in mouth and blow hard then exhale slowly. has worked most of the time of my SVT attacks. a nurse at the hospital taught it to me, she said its the safest method...prevents hospital visi..."