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Aug 27, 2012
"I am a recovering addict and Oxy was my demon, I started with Vics but soon had to go up, since your tapering I assume you have some sort of addiction to Ophiates in general.....I would seek help its the best way in the end, I cannot te..."
Jul 30, 2012
"I know some of you have been following my posts for a while, I have been an opiate addict for over 5 years of my life and lost many things and lied to many people. I started a methadone program thinking it would help me and it did but ..."
Jul 25, 2012
"Yeah its going alright, I am optimistic, I have not lost any sleep throughout my taper and the Sub makes me drowsy at first so I think I will be ok by the end of next week I will be totally off of everything!!! Except POT but gotta craw..."
Jul 24, 2012
"I feel great, I had no symptoms of Precip. and I just took another 4 mg before bed time and am going to try to stick to another 4 tomorrow and then 2 the next day and so on, I am just glad that I did not suffer from severe Precip. W/D fr..."
Jul 24, 2012
"I have been tapering for the last three months on methadone, yesterday I went down to 15 mg per day, today I skipped my dose and picked up for 8 mg Suboxone strips I took my first one today just a few minutes ago I will keep everyone pos..."
Jul 14, 2012
"thanks a lot I appreciate it, I have always had this problem snce I started becoming sexually active......"
Jul 09, 2012
"I need help, I have had PE problems since I started having sexual activity with girls, I am now 24 and still have problems with Ejaculating right away from barely any stimulation. I am wondering the best course to take to help me with t..."
Jul 01, 2012
"I got Jazzy yesterday and we went to a party with my mom and had a blast, today she woke me up ready to go swimming so we went and played in the sandbox and on our neighbors water trampoline. Shes got her own room now ans slepd most of ..."
Jun 28, 2012
"hey guys thanks alot I really appreciate it, Its been a hell of a ride and I am glad I see more clearly the reality of things and what is important and I dont even drink anymore and am working at this methadone as much as I can, I know i..."
Jun 27, 2012
"Eventually you will need to seek help, yoru baby deserves it and I know how hard it is, I am in the final stages of a methadone taper but have battled through an addiction with raising a little girl in the mix TRUST ME IT CAN ALWAYS GET ..."