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Apr 14, 2014 in the Depression Community - 16
no they did a blood test on her everything was ok cholestrol was a little high but not enough to worry about. she had lost 1 pound. the doctor said if she loses any more she will go to the hospital. she is dizzy and her stomach. she cant eat much. but she is eating some. not like she used to. i told her i will call the ambulance if anything looks ba...
Apr 14, 2014 in the ADD / ADHD Community - 15
this was used on one of my nieces and he kept raising her meds. she would just sit and not play. on easter me and her dad helped her look for eggs and surprises. she would sit and stare at space. i told his mom that doctor is crazy there is nothing wrong with her this is not normal. mandy876
Apr 13, 2014 in the ADD / ADHD Community - 15
she has an appointment with a doctor that a friend of hers took her child to. maybe we will find out something. hope they dont just stick him on drugs and make him a little zombie. hate it when they do that. mandy876
Apr 13, 2014 in the ADD / ADHD Community - 15
he is in first grade and is 7 his birthday oct 15th. he is taller than most kids his age.he is going to be tall and thin. i will check out SPD notsurei have heardof that. i dont agree with how her boyfriends punishes him i wrote in on the abuse forum. was not sure if that was abuse are not. my dad when i was small. my mom would not spank us tell us to ...
Apr 12, 2014 in the ADD / ADHD Community - 15
no he makes all the noises. he is kind of picky about his food but is out growing that and is eating a lot. he sneaks candy sometimes when they are not looking. all kids do that. he is happy when they are here he wants to stay. mandy876
Apr 12, 2014 in the ADD / ADHD Community - 15
he is tall for his age and thin. clothes or hard to find unless they come in slims. when he lived with us for 5 years. he was a sweetie. of course be aree biased. used to when he got one of his hyper things he would look around for somethingto hit. i grabbed a pillow and said here beat this up. when he finished he said thanks. anither time we were in ...
Apr 12, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 15
thank you i can always need a good friend. i just wish i knew what was going on. i will let you know i am calling my doctor monday. mandy876
Apr 12, 2014 in the Depression Community - 16
her blood test wask cholestrol was a ittle high but not much. she lostanother pound but the docttor told her not to lose any more. she sleeps a lot. eats very little. the kids were supposed to come this weekend but at the last second thy decided to go to the coast. dont think she is that worried are realizes how sick her mom is. she was so happy they w...
Apr 11, 2014 in the ADD / ADHD Community - 15
he makes friends really easy. he is very out going. but he just can not be still. he has to be moving at all times. when we will play games on my laptop. i will feel a foot on top my head in my ear and an elbow poking somewhere. i love him so much. his moims boyfriend punishes him which to me it is not right, he stand him in a corner and makes him b...
Apr 11, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 15
i usually dont feel very good. not ,uch energy and my back and legs hurt a lot. they lowered my pain meds so they dont work any more. i am kind of quiet. i dont seem to fit in good with strangers. i have always ben that way. the kids were coming to see us this weekend but they decided to go to the coast instead. we even had the 7 years old tv pit bac...