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Dec 02, 2013
"Hi, at 6 weeks i had red bleeding then at 7 weeks I had a sac but no embryo or heartbeat... Doc thought it was a blighted ovum and got me to wait a few more days for another scan. I spent those days worrying and crying! 4 days later ther..."
Nov 24, 2013
"Congrats on you positive test! Great news! Good luck to all the girls in the 2ww... It's excruciatingly long... I know :-) "
Nov 15, 2013
"Hi, A beta hcg blood test is very accurate and can detect even tiny amounts of pregnancy hormone. So if you did a test and it was negative then I'd say you aren't pregnant. Symptoms aren't reliable, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have no symp..."
Nov 21, 2012
"Turns out I have some antibodies that may be causing problems... I'm preparing for a FET and will be taking Lovenox after the transfer. Fingers crossed this'll make a difference..."
Oct 09, 2012
"Thank you so much Ginger and jessy_fernan for your replies, they have been a great help. I will discuss things with my re when I see her next week. Ginger - good luck to you on your difficult journey towards motherhood. jessy_fern..."
Oct 04, 2012
"I did beta today, it's negative again... dispare... I don't know what I've done to deserve this, I'm so beat. I really wish everyone the very, very best of luck, please renew my faith, I've lost all hope :("
Oct 04, 2012
"I got a negative beta today :( Again... Please comment if you have any advice on auto-immune disorders as a cause for failure, I would be grateful for any help. Thank you and good luck to you all "
Oct 03, 2012
"I am in the 2ww for my 4th IVF, my blood test is tomorrow. I KNOW I am not pregnant, although I did get symptoms about a week to 10 days after ER, then they completely went away. Now I feel my period is on it's way. Thing is, I read abou..."
Oct 01, 2012
"I would agree with cheekyhalfs, this sounds very much like implantation bleeding (that's a good thing). I got this on my last IVF, which was a BFP (sadly ending in mc). I wish you and your wife lots of luck!"
Oct 01, 2012
"Hi girls, I had my 4th IVF fresh transfer just over a week ago so I'm in the 2ww... it's awful. On my last cycle I got a BFP but had a mc :( I've been trying to stay off Medhelp as I end up obsessing about it all the time. My beta will..."