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We use Uppababy Cruz. It's smooth and light. We have a small car and it won't fit the vista model.
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I just got my 32 week scan last week and will be getting a 35 week scan. Depending on baby position, you may or may ...
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I had the same thing a couple weeks ago with really bad belly cramps. I thought I'd go into preterm labor because I ...
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A normal pregnancy needs no more than 2, but I've got more than 10 in this pregnancy due to high risk.
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Me too. It does grow back, but I keep losing it. Been like that every 1-2 days or so for the past week and 1/2. I'm...
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Fundal height is not very accurate. It depends a lot on baby's position. I was always on track to the day, but now I'...
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I have latex allergy too, but my OB offered the vaccine to me today?!!!
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@Ireida, I'm 31 weeks. I'm a chicken when it comes to drugs. So many of my friends who opted for epidural had stalled...
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I asked the same to my OB today and she said anywhere between 34 to 38 weeks for most women.
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I didn't mention car seat and stroller as I assume we are only discussing nursery here, but of course those are also ...
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