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Oct 06, 2015
"Hi Mate, depending on how much and how long you been taking it will give an indication of the worst case. If possible try to take 5-7 days off work that will give you lots of time to get through the worst. day 2-5 is the worst and then b..."
Oct 04, 2015
"I'm not any sleep specialist but for a Doctor to say sorry can't help you, I think it's time to see another doctor. If your not able to demand to be referred to a sleep specialist and or a Neurologist, you need more professional help. ..."
Aug 15, 2014
"It's most likely best to talk with you doctor and get some blood work test done and answer the question of how your liver is going. Also you might want to look at why you are drinking 8 or more strongbows or others ? continuing with t..."
Aug 01, 2014
"Hi and welcome, Firstly it's not going to be a quick overnight fix depending how long you have been using. You have need to look deeply at how your prioritize your work over you health and life if your don't look out for yourself w..."
Jul 25, 2014
"Hi, Only after 3 years of my own active addiction have to started looking at the other side and how it effects them. I think if I was in still in treatment and you already know what boundaries you want to put in place, you need to ..."
Jul 19, 2014
"Hi All, I can't thanks you all for you support it's truly overwhelming, I have kept strong and also am with me parents and hand parents for this weekend so it's great to be with them and be distracted from everything. Another craz..."
Jul 17, 2014
"Thank you for your kind words, it can help me be stronger. Just have to go through the emotions and actually feel them instead if hiding and masking them. Peace be with all those on MH17 may you all rest in peace. I will remember you!!"
Jul 17, 2014
"Great question and interesting topic, I really think addiction can be a mix of all these factors or even just one genetic, environment, and internal issues/ brain chemicals The move your have the great the potential of addition. ..."
Jul 17, 2014
"Hi All, Not really a question , but just need to get it out there that I'm grieving the loss of my dear friend, she is 1 out of the 295 killed on MH17 flight shoot down (if you don't know about just search MH17 for news), Peace b..."
Jul 16, 2014
"You can do it... and ditto to Weaver, We are all here supporting you!!"