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Aug 05, 2012
"Spotting is quite normal for a couple of weeks maybe.. but 10 weeks? You should see your doctor about it. I was only spotting for about a week after my surgery and it was quite fresh clots. Yes tmi, but you asked! My periods became quit..."
Jul 31, 2012
"Im sorry to hear your pain is getting worse. I hope your surgeon can shed some light on it. I had laparotomy with one ovary removed and the other ovary wasnt touched. I was told prior to my surgery that the ovary operated on could cau..."
Jul 25, 2012
"Im sorry to hear you are suffering that much with hormonal issues. I am 23 years and now 8 months post op after having an ovary + cyst removed (luckily I have only had the one surgery). It is very normal for surgery to affect your hormo..."
Jul 25, 2012
"In case you didnt find ALL the symptoms, I can confirm everything, even the rib pain and diahrea are normal for cysts. You should feel much better once the cyst is dealt with. Good luck with your surgery."
Jul 18, 2012
"The list of long term effects arent pleasant reading, but important if you want to know what you in for: Not sure if you can be allergic to HRT, but synthetic hormones are o..."
Jul 13, 2012
"Good luck I hope everything goes well."
Jul 02, 2012
"Good luck, I hope you get sorted soon. My surgery was done by the lead surgeon as well"
Jun 26, 2012
"Correction: chest bone not breast bone.. doh"
Jun 26, 2012
"Im sorry you have to go though this. Ill try to answer your questions. 1: I assume you are referring to the surgery not general ovarian cyst pain? When you first wake up from the anaesthetics , you shouldnt be in much pain, most women..."
Jun 09, 2012
"Does it feel more like the muscle than the ovary? I dont think you are supposed to be able to feel the ovary or cysts unless they reach a decent size. I dont know how your surgeon done your operation, but I was told they dont cut muscle..."