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May 04, 2012
"My mom had her period and got pregnant because it would have been twins. One egg died, the other lived. Very confusing. But as for movement....... the baby usually is around four months along to actually be able to feel its kicks. If you..."
May 04, 2012
"Its probably his if you had sex with him last. The furthest away from your period the more likely. And its not like you knew you were pregnant with the other guys kid FOR SURE and then got back with him. It could go either way. Tell him ..."
May 04, 2012
"Your going to want to know who the real father is eventually. I believe you have to wait until the baby is born to take a perternaty test. I assume he already knows that there is a chance it might not be his since his mother is freaking ..."
May 04, 2012
"I am due on the 14th of May and was thinking he would be a mothers day baby lol. But I've heard plenty of times that the Full Moon kick starts labor, and this one is going to be the closets full moon there will be all year. So if he was ..."
Dec 19, 2011
"What do you mean? What happens? I haven't read any negative effects..."
Dec 16, 2011
"Go to the Doctor!! It most likely is :( They can do an ultrasound to find out for sure. I had 2 miscarriages before this pregnancy and I am only 19. They are fairly common when you are only that far along."
Nov 22, 2011
"Hey everybody, I am 15 weeks, due May 14th (2 days b4 my man's bday) and found out that its a Boy!! I was wondering about water birth? I always told myself I was going to do it but now that Its for real I really don't know much about ..."
Oct 29, 2011
"Thank you. It had been down for days but it was fixed later the day I put this post up!"
Oct 25, 2011
"Is it just me? It seems like for 4-5 days now the Food Tracker does not register anything that I did not enter myself. As in, if it is not a ''my food'' it doesn't have any info on it. Help????"