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May 26, 2015
"HCV Advocate (run by all-around Hep C superstar Alan Franciscus!) has a specialist on Hep C and disability (Jacques Chambers) and they have a lot of good information too Check 'em out!"
Apr 19, 2015
"Happy happy, joy joy!!!"
Apr 19, 2015
"Stick with the meetings! Sobriety is selfish because it has to be. You need to think about getting yourself better before all else. I have come to see other people's actions as totally human and something I need to accept with ser..."
Apr 19, 2015
"My comment wasn't meant to be serious. I am going to invent a sarcasm font a hopefully make lots o' money (this is written in sarcasm font). I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body and have learned to lov..."
Apr 18, 2015
"Check out Al-Anon too. ( or Google it) It is for people living with / dealing with an alcoholic. This is causing you more stress than you probably realize. I have seen a statistic that states caregivers have a 63%..."
Apr 18, 2015
"Yippee for Karen!!! Sending White Light, good juju and prayers her way!!!"
Apr 18, 2015
"47 years if you got Hep C from being a Bad Boy, 46 if not"
Aug 14, 2014
"Anyone else get low blood sugar when doing something that takes a lot of thinking? My sugar will go low when I am doing something that takes a lot of my brain power and concentration, like programming on the computer. I know it's common ..."
May 06, 2014
"I'm pretty sure thet most of us "old-timers" who went through any of the Interferon Based tx's wonder that ("you kids got it so easy today, sit back and let me tell you of the bad-old interferon days"). The Incivek added was no cake w..."
Mar 19, 2014
"YIPPEE for the both of you!!!"