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Jun 23, 2014
"Hello Barbie and my apologies for this very delayed response. Im not even sure why you had an echo in the first place but based on the echo results, I suspect that you may indeed have mild pulmonary hypertension (though you may not ha..."
Jun 23, 2014
"Hello and welcome to the forum. I completely understand why you would be concerned but I hope that I too will alleviate your worries. While I can never say anything definitely about your son's condition (or lack thereof), based on ..."
May 22, 2014
"Hello and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you likely have diastolic heart failure and the "metabolic syndrome". You didnt tell me but I suspect you may even be a bit overweight. I would start with a general cardiologist (and..."
May 13, 2014
"1. Your ECG does not suggest any evidence of RVH 2. Your "heavy smoking" is likely to contribute to an incredible number of potentially serious medical conditions (including possible COPD). I know it is difficult to do, but if you are ..."
May 11, 2014
"Hi and welcome to the forum. Hard for me to tell by the m-mode if it meets criteria for RVH. But you have a normal TAPSE and (by echo estimated pressure measurements) do not have any indirect evidence of pulmonary hypertension. A..."
May 11, 2014
"Hello and welcome to the forum. First, I am very sorry with all of your struggles. I can tell that it is really taking a toll on you. Second, and I hope this helps and makes you feel a bit better, while you probably do have "PH", t..."
May 07, 2014
"Hello and welcome to the forum. There is nothing that you told me that makes me think that you have (or ever had) pulmonary hypertension. For a physician to tell you no more children on that basis to me is irresposible (I am not comm..."
May 05, 2014
"Hello and welcome to the forum. Heart failure and VTACH are serious conditions but with excellent medications, very close physician care and follow up, many patients can do quite well. Rehab to regain functional capacity is very impo..."
May 01, 2014
"Hello and welcome to the forum. You are asking exactly the right questions. 1. Yes, seek a 2nd opinion with a TRUE PH specialist. This is not to concern you--in fact, its to give you peace of mind. 2. Cant diagnose PH without a..."
May 01, 2014
"Hello and welcome to the forum. First, my sincere apologies for this very late reply...your message got lost in my inbox. Second, did they actually tell you that you have pulmonary hypertension? I didnt see that in your post. And..."