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Nov 23, 2013
"I have long since diagnosied anixety disorder amoung many other mentall stuff. How would I know when I have one? Sometimes I wondered if sometimes what I think is a panic attack could be a small tyoe of seizure? What happens when I am un..."
Nov 23, 2013
"Sometimes I want him to die, I actaully thought of a hit man, The master of munipulation. Seven years ago we met in drug rehab? How much clean time do We have? Less than a week and both have to go back to rehabh for DuII.We got legal ***..."
Nov 22, 2013
"Yes, I understand that huffing is very very bad and stupid...Especially with a degree in health ed. When I do air, I guess apparently everyone says I have a seizures. Like EVERYONE. I am not aware of anything that goes on, I go someplac..."
Jan 18, 2013
"what does mean if i have blood in urine"
Jan 13, 2013
"all I have to say is I can totally relate to how you feel. they say I have rapid cycling mood disorder bipolar. my heads all messed up. I feel like the best thing can do is stear clear from people because I end up hurting them or ,messin..."
Jan 13, 2013
" I started taking a new med about a month or two ago and I don't know if its working on not cause I got clean around the same time. I moved back with my mom but she hates me. this last few weeks I have been in a different mood. after th..."
Jan 05, 2013
"fi feel for you and you are not alone. i have a music obsession. i was in band for a long time and listen to it with a passion. i feel for you and you are not alone. i have a music obsession. i was in band for a long time and listen to i..."
Aug 15, 2012
"How do i stay alive? i can't write what I feel-i have no idea how to ever word anything! I have several things wrong with my head, including the encephalitis long term affects which make it impossible to communicate with others let alone..."
Aug 08, 2012
"On my birthday the other day my mom was bring early childhood memories and brought up the time I had encephalitis when I ZI was around 2. I am 27 now. Yes, my mom had told me vaguely that I had it, was in the hospital and almost died and..."
Apr 08, 2012
"I finally moved. I have a new number. New job. New everything. I feel like I live in hiding. It was like he was following me through my computer ip Or something. It's creepy. I am moving again soon. I went to his court he didn't show. Al..."