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Dec 24, 2011 in the Sexual Health Community - 3
triple antibiotic ointment
Dec 07, 2011 in the Cats Community - 1
Oreo uses the litter box but will put a towel, rug, wash cloth what ever he can get and cover up his pee or poop with it. Sometimes he wont cover it up if nothing available to him. He is very obsessed about washing his feet and hands all the time.
Dec 07, 2011 in the Cats Community - 4
Yes Oreo only chews off the back claws , He sometimes with just chew at the front but has never chewed them off. He is a inside cat only also. I have clipped them for him but he doesn't like it at all. Yea I have to wear my artificial nails and sometimes I still will take off the artifical nails from my anxiety
Dec 07, 2011 in the Cats Community - 6
yea, Oreo seems like this is his bonding time with me. He usually only does it in the middle of night or when it is quiet and noone else is around. He only usually does it around me and purrs very loud. He doesnt purr very often for anyone to hear him. sounds like they really are comfortable with the owners
Dec 03, 2011 in the Cats Community - 4
My 3 yr male cat " OREO " will chew his fingernails periodically. I have anxiety disorder - does this mean my cat has anxiety also?
Dec 03, 2011 in the Cats Community - 6
I have a 3 yr female ( Midnight ) and 3 yr old male ( Oreo ) cat. they still like to suck a soft blanket at times. Oreo usually only does it about 3 am when he is wanting to cuddle up close to me in bed. Midnight will do it any time of the day. Should I try to stop them from doing this? they knead there paws also while doing this.
Nov 14, 2011 in the Sexual Health Community - 62
sounds like female ejaculation. I didn't do this until after I had all my kids and partial Hysterectomy. I don't always do it, I have to be comfortable and relaxed with the guy I am with. Most guys enjoy a " squirrter"
Nov 10, 2011 in the Back & Neck Community - 2
Take a anti-inflammatory, it sounds like a inflammation in the cartliages
Nov 10, 2011 in the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Community - 2
I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands this year. My Dr. recommended that I take B12 and B6 daily for a year. He said that would help the nerves heal. I have been on B12 and B6 for 8 months now and I have some pain to Rt wrist but I had arthritis in the wrist also. I also wore my hand splints for a while after my surgery. I was very pleased with...
Nov 10, 2011 in the Anxiety Community - 4
I have alot of the same feelings that you have. " Why me? Why am I mentally sick? " Please don't hurt yourself. When I feel that way, I think of my kids and family and how that would hurt them so much, if I were gone. They are your precious gifts from God. Cherish them. I have been having alot of problems with memory, not doing anything bu...