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Dec 15, 2011
"you definitely are going to need help. you need to sign yourself into a detox unit. there they give you the medication needed to keep you from becoming horribly ill from detox. i just went through detox in july and i swear, there is n..."
Dec 13, 2011
"Well, since your doctor doesn't seem concerned at all I would say you need to find a new doctor. I would try a dentist or an ear, nose, and throat doctor. If they can't help you then I'm sure they would be able to point you in the corr..."
Dec 13, 2011
"My heart aches for you. My cat is 15 lbs. He is on prescription dry cat food. He gets 1/3 cuz twice a day. He also gets 2 units of insulin when he gets fed. Perhaps your vet could change your cat to dry food and maybe he will eat t..."
Dec 13, 2011
"First, and foremost, I would make an appointment with your gastrointestinal doctor. Belching can be the sign of something more serious than just a hungry stomach. It is possible that you are swallowing air without knowing it. "
Dec 13, 2011
"i have been on tramadol in the past and i'm pretty sure that it is not addictive. i think that is one of the reasons they like to prescribe it because it is easy to get off of it. however, i would not advise taking more than the prescr..."
Dec 12, 2011
"i always fed my cat iams hairball control and there is also a tube of cat laxative that i get from the vet. you squeeze out about an inch long amount every day or 2 and it keeps him from coughing up hairballs. it worked great for my ca..."