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Jan 11, 2012
"Hello! I too have had an endoscopic ultrasound but it showed that I had two of the features of pancreatitis apparently there are five you have to meet to say for sure that Yes you have this! Anyway I know they also gave me propofol but..."
Jan 04, 2012
"Hello. I got my blood tests results back and the AntiSmooth Muscle came back negative. This has everyone confused so I was asked to contact my doctor at UPenn. Because the pain I have is so massive we're going to repeat everything. T..."
Jan 03, 2012
"I'm glad you decided to come here and vent. Mental illness is a real problem for so many including me. No one would be better off if you were dead. I don't blame you for feeling mixed up and afraid its easy to do. If you are feeling ..."
Jan 03, 2012
"Your sweet as sugar and you concerns are valid. I have chronic pancreatitis and my husband is just like you there for me till the end. I consider myself blessed to have him in my life and so supportive just like you are and believe me ..."
Jan 03, 2012
"Its hard to say too much without more information. How old are you? Do you have other symptoms as well? Based on my very limited experience the two things I think of are gallbladder and/or pancreatitis. I have pancreatitis and I get ..."
Jan 02, 2012
"For me personally I think your instincts are correct. I don't know if there is anything inappropiate going on but the fact that he sleeps in the same bed with her sends up all kinds of red flags for me. Do you sleep alone at night? I ..."
Jan 02, 2012
"What your going through with the circleling thoughts are called ruminating. They drive me crazy too. That's actually how I know I need an adjustment in my meds. Hold on till you can get to the doc. I was surprised everything was clos..."
Dec 31, 2011
"Thats good I'm glad to hear it Happy New Year."
Dec 30, 2011
" Hello. I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2008 which was confirmed by biopsy. Since then I have tested positive for RA and my ANA has been as high as 1:5000 currently it is 1350 and always a speckled pattern. When I was diagnosed w..."
Dec 29, 2011
"Thank you for the info the first test didn't contain a titre so I just had more bloodwork done for the titre and a repeat ana. At this point it would not surprise me one bit for it to be positive I'm just a little confused that if I am ..."