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Nov 07, 2014
"Did you have what i had the infection?Read my blog lea 0770/I am cured 100 percent"
Jun 27, 2012
"I wanted to know were everyone got infected from?Was it a hotel room like me?I see some have got it from a tree.I thought it would be a good idea to have everyone share were they got it from.It took three days for me to notice the infect..."
Jun 21, 2012
"Yes, I had this problem for years,If we had the same but if it tender to touch or red.You have to go to Er and have them lance it open and drain it and put a wick in it on antibiotics.It could turn into staph if left untreated.You can n..."
Jun 18, 2012
"This could be a eye infection of pink eye which yoy will need medication for the eye.Go to the urgent care.if you have no health insurance,Go to the hospitl.They have to treat you and send you a bill.This is your vision and you need to b..."
Jun 18, 2012
"I had this problem in 1994.I have silk skin they call it.What helped me is to stress free and use unscented laundry deterg.Also go buy:Cetaphil Moisturing Cream For dry,Sensitive skin.16oz.It comes in a tub and can be purchased at any st..."
Jun 14, 2012
"Who has this infection and were did you get it?I got this super hyber-bug from a hotel in Las Vegas,Nv.It is not lice,Scabies,FLea.It mutates into what ever lands on your scalp or body!Biofil has to be removed to rid myself of this para..."
Jun 05, 2012
"I did the mud mask on my scalp.Rememberi did use clippers and shave my hair off.The results are as followed:After 2 hours of use of blow dryer on low heat and i did put some behind my ear which had abcess on them.Plus on abcess on right ..."
Jun 04, 2012
"why not on the forum go to my posts lea0770.It sounds like we have the same problem.Can u use a wash cloth and plug the stopper in the sink and use a mag glass and u should see fungi?Parasite?I did.I use tsal shampoo and now clay pack t..."
Jun 04, 2012
"Go look up lea0770 and see so far.T/sal shampoo.Read what i have done.I had a worm come out last night but no mutated bug like parasite mutated.Clay pack on head.I am going to draw the worm or fungi what ever it is out!I see a bio film h..."
Jun 04, 2012
"I have got infected from a hotel in las vegas,nv.I found a mans web blod reg this and only One woman ws cured.I shved my head i had hair to my tail bone.Wash my head with a new wash cloth and latexx golves.I throw them matter wha..."