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Feb 24, 2012
"im sorry but i lost my glasses so i didnt really read the whole question the first time tthrough 4 days ago is really the last time i used i was up to eight a day but over the period of time i wasnt on line i slowly weened myself down in..."
Feb 24, 2012
"im srry my math is very wrong its more like 8 yrs. when i was typing i kinda felt nervous so i just guessed im very nervous when it comes to talking to strangers. but no one here is a stranger its like a giant family community that wants..."
Feb 23, 2012
"i had a drug problem up till monday. ive been clean now for about four days the wds are going away slowly but surly. i still feel like crap but im doin good. ive snorted vicodins for 13 yrs of my 21 yr old life my nose hurts of course, b..."
Jan 31, 2012
"i snort vicoden like ten in a day i find myself addicted to the taste an i dont get it its not just the taste of course but i feel it has a big part in it could anyone give me any insite about this and thank you for your help oh an toda..."
Jan 30, 2012
"i use everyday 1000 mgs or 10mgs. not sure how to say that but anyway about 7 to ten a day. ive been using since i was 14 so about eight years. thank u for your help."
Jan 30, 2012
"um this is the first time ive done this so bear with me. ive been stuck on hydrocodene or vicodin im not really sure how to categorize it. But if anyone could give me advice on how to help me ween off it would be much appreciated. "
Jan 28, 2012
"ive been on vicoden for eight years now. ive destroyed my life. i really want to quit ive tried beforre but always ended up relapsing over withdrawels. i have enough to ween myself off but dont kno how i really need answers and opinions...."