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Feb 19, 2012
"I'm by no means any expert, but I've been diagnosed with BPD, and I can tell you that this sounds very much, in a way, like somebody would describe me. By no means is this a diagnosis or confirmation, but to this 20-year-old depressed gi..."
Feb 15, 2012
"Hopefully. Thank you so much for being here. It's really great to have that support. :)"
Feb 15, 2012
"Yeah, I'm up to the whole 50mg pill starting yesterday. Ironic because it was Valentine's day. That was a pretty crappy day, but a friend kinda took pity on me you would say and had me spend time with her a lot of the day. She doesn't kn..."
Feb 14, 2012
"Ugh, maybe not. :( I had another awful night last night, where I threw the most gigantic fit. I was so angry and depressed and out of control. Had such awful thoughts about myself again. Even suicidal ones. I'm so tired of this! I just ..."
Feb 13, 2012
"Things are starting to look up. By no means is it completely better, and I don't really "feel" any difference. But I've noticed that I've been getting through the day more positively, especially over the last couple days. Maybe it's just..."
Feb 10, 2012
"Took my first (half) dose today. I'm on half doses for the next few days and then will be taking the full 50mg after that. So far I don't feel any different but it's the first day, so that's natural. "
Feb 09, 2012
"I can't really give you any advice because I'm so bad at dealing with this depression thing myself, but I want you to know that your story really resonated with me and made me cry. Realize that since you're so deep in your own habits..."
Feb 09, 2012
"Thanks! That's really helpful, and I've experienced that with my other medication (birth control/hormones), where certain kinds will be wonderful and others make me feel even sicker for seemingly no reason. So I hear what you're saying. ..."
Feb 09, 2012
"What kind of meds is anybody on for their depression, if any? I have been diagnosed with major depression and BPD after a recent suicide attempt and have just been prescribed Sertraline, a generic of Zoloft, to help my depression. I'..."
Feb 09, 2012
"Do you mean how long ago were we diagnosed? I was on 1/28/2012. So a couple weeks ago."