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Apr 18, 2014 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 96
I had Lhermittes shocks in my first big relapse in 2011. I had another random Lhermites shock since, but don't have it as an ongoing symptom. My nervous system likes those zapping symptoms apparently as I also have had trigeminal neuralgia.
Dec 03, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 11
Glad to hear it! I called for information but then my TN disappeared and I never tried. Do you have TN?
Dec 02, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 22
Reading your story rang a familiar chord in me... I'm in Italy under the national health system here and had similar troubles getting a diagnosis. I saw a handful of neuros through the system and one privately, none of whom felt I "looked like" I had MS in spite of me having L'hermittes, double vision, what was later diagnosed as optic ne...
Nov 28, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 14
I use the clip on metal studs under my shoes that sound like what Sarah suggests. Love them! I also have a cane that's completely collapsible and stows neatly in my handbag. It's there if I need it and out of sight and mind when I can do without. I use it when I'm unsteady near my home, but not at the grocery store where I have the cart to s...
Oct 03, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 8
I had this problem for most of my life. I took Benefiber for years, psyllium husks, and finally chia seeds and did find a measure of relief from each for a while. With time though, I ended up back where I started with each. Last year I did a complete diet overhaul (paleo) to help with eczema and some digestive issues and went from a "once-each-two/...
Sep 25, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 11
Finding a good neuro can be tricky. I flew from Italy to the States to get away from the system here and find someone who would spend more than 15 minutes with me. I went to a great neuro in Chicago that I'd happily refer if you're anywhere near there.
Sep 22, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 4
Glad you bumped this, Sierra. I've been watching for replies as I have tremors as well and would like to hear about a helpful med. I am not on any medication at all right now, but that would be one I would consider as tremors can be quite pesky. Mine are postural and intention as well, but my dr thinks they're related to MG, not MS, if I understo...
Sep 22, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 6
I have hyper reflexes on the left. I also have had clonus reflexes a few times right and left. I, too, thought that was a good thing to have "healthy" quick reflexes. Ha.. Oh, well. That was before any diagnosis or working theory and with no lesions showing anywhere on my MRIs.
Sep 20, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community
So much going on lately. I realized that I didn't mention some new symptoms in my last post. Maybe someone can tell me what's going on here. I get a searing pain in the bottom of my feet or just one of my feet. It burns up my leg and then quits, but my leg starts jerking at that point (usually a few jerks and then it stops). I called my supe...
Sep 20, 2013 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 9
Hope this makes it over here in some form. Thanks for sharing the links, Shell!