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Feb 19, 2012
"Ive been through wat ur goin through. Im always here to help... Or if that is ulnot somthing u want to do u cant call a self harm hot line (theyre also very educated on suicide), theyve saved my life many times the number is 1800-DON-TCUT."
Feb 19, 2012
"U should be able to just tap on the choice. Please dont let this go unheard im trying to get med help to open up a SIB community... Btw i believe ive seen some posts from you... I really am here to talk."
Feb 19, 2012
"Im 14 also... Suicide is never the answer ive been down that road several time. But when you commit suicide you are not getting rid of your pain. Your just giving it to those who truley care about you. Ive got to say after the third time..."
Feb 18, 2012
"I am 14, and I started self injuring at age 11. After some serious hospitalisation I'm recovering really well. If you ever need to talk I'm always here to listen. -Gianna"
Feb 17, 2012
"Have you, or somone you know participated in self injury?"