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Jul 26, 2012
"Ok Im back and 7 weeks post op with 3 disc cervical fusion. Feeling great and smoke free..was so hard I dont ever want to due that again. Doing PT 2x's a week for 12 visits. have upcoming appt with Hep C Dr and just wondering what is goi..."
Jul 08, 2012
"well it has begun yet another arduous journey...havent had a cigarette and so far really havent wanted one but I must say my evil twin has surfaced...LOL! i know what Im doing is for the best so how come it just doesnt feel that way??? M..."
Jun 22, 2012
"you keep doing what your doing and he really needs you right now. This is a very difficult thing to go through and when your alone it can be even worse. Because most folks who have not had to deal with this have no clue what the patient ..."
Jun 22, 2012
"First thing stay calm and getting tested was the smart thing to do. You will get through this. Good luck ."
Jun 22, 2012
"well it will be up to my landlord so I will go from there on the mold issue and get thru this being a non smoker i must say i will be totally free from anything ever controlling like this again...I will be free at last I say...LOL! uess ..."
Jun 21, 2012
"well quitting smoking is a no brainer since I heard the words you now have COPD and believe me I had a breathing episode yesterday and didnt know if I was going to make it to the enhaler they have me doing the nebulizer now with 2 enhale..."
Jun 19, 2012
"i see primary today and will talk to her about quiting, I quit before and with the death of my ex husband and everything I ve been thryu this past yr its all i had to keep me from losing it completely nobody knows any better then i that ..."
Jun 18, 2012
"surgery went well woke up with no pain except from the incision and muscles and nerves waking up . Been in pain since 2005 and I was blessed to have had a great neurosurgeon Wearing neck collar un able to drive but its worth it. They gav..."
Jun 02, 2012
"Thanks so much and yes I have told them about my liver and cant stress it enough. Had ER visit last night have soft tissue infection from the pruitis (spelling) man it sure hurts too they didnt hesitate putting me on 2000 milligrams of K..."
May 31, 2012
"well what do you all think? I went for pre-testing yesterday and having surgery next Wednesday. I must say Im a little scared. Envolves 3 important vertebrae in my neck,really have know choice they are compressing my spinal cord to the p..."