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Feb 25, 2014
"I had boy/girl twins. When I was pregnant, my hubby seemed excited to have a boy, and I would have to remind him that he was having a daughter too. Now I have to remind him that he has a son, as our little girl is his pride and joy (of c..."
Aug 03, 2013
"i never had implantation bleeding, but a friend of mine did, shortly before her expected period. It lasted for a day or two and it was exactly how you described. Hope it is! "
Aug 03, 2013
"Try MACA powder. And, raspberry leaf tea. But, make sure to read the instructions for usage. Multivitamins help, too. We got pregnant shortly after supplementing with these things...if you can only afford one, get the powder!"
Dec 07, 2012
"Ha. I just read little bubba now weighs over 7 pounds and will be born this weekend. She weighs more than her brother. Her heartrate is solid. I am in love with my little Baby B [and Baby A too:)]"
Nov 26, 2012
"I hear you. I am 37+ weeks with twins and having been having labor-like symptoms for 2 weeks. The doctor says 'anytime now.' The waiting game is hard and confusing and frustrating, but I try to think of it/spin it as my last chance to ha..."
Nov 26, 2012
"36 weeks is too early. "
Nov 18, 2012
"I felt the first flutters around 16 weeks. It's pretty similar to gas at first. My husband wasnt able them until week 20+ or so."
Nov 09, 2012
"an OPK is an ovulation predictor kit, which you can find in Target, Walgreens, or really anywhere. It's usually next to the pregnancy test sticks. they are like pregnancy tests in that you wee on them and wait for a result. There are dir..."
Nov 08, 2012
"sounds good"
Nov 08, 2012
"I was just like you, feeling hopeless after my first iui was a bust. I was even looking into the costs of IVF I was so discouraged. After all that searching/studying/preparing for future IVF treatments (Ok, maybe I was a little nuts), I ..."