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Mar 10, 2012
"iT Did Thx's iWas Starting To Think iWas Spottin Because iWas Pregnat Since My Boyfriend Told Me Mayb It Was cux Yuhr ovalating Since it Was 15 Days After Ma Period "
Mar 09, 2012
"Today I Had Sex With My Boyfriend We Been havein Sex Alot But Today After And During sex We notice a Lil Bit of Blood it was pink And i Know is Not My period Because i Just Had it Like 14 Days ago. Why Did i Bleed?"
Mar 09, 2012
"That Happen To Me The First Time iHad Sex iDidnt Bleed At All But Later On iHad Sex With Some One Else And iDid For The First Time And iFound OUt iTs Because The Diffrent Sizes :)"