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Oct 06, 2015
"Hi - Stress is a big one, but excessive exercise can, too. Even things like huge changes to diet can, and sometimes if you are around other women a lot, it's said that sometimes your periods will sync with theirs. Most docs say t..."
Mar 20, 2014
"Hi there - Oh I'm sorry you are so upset, but please just give your doctor a call. This could be so many things from irritation from a yeast infection you don't even know you have to hormonal (and the hormones you are on may be makin..."
Jun 26, 2012
"Hi there - Your sero-negative tests in between this suggests that you have a new infection. You mention a third partner in March, and a negative test in April. It's possible that at that time, you wouldn't have created enough antib..."
Apr 11, 2012
"Hi there - Vance asked me to help here, and I'm happy to. My first question is why are you testing for STDs yearly if you are in a monogamous relationship? I don't ask that to be mean, but wondering if there is a reason you think..."
Dec 11, 2011
"Hi there - With the confirmatory (TPHA) test being negative, and the VDRL giving such a low positive, this leads to the VDRL being a false positive, or an old infection. Do you know/remember ever having syphilis before this? If..."
Nov 29, 2011
"Hi there - I have some questions about this treatment, but first, what prompted you to test for syphilis? Did you have a sore, was it routine, suggested by your doctor, exposure to someone who had it...? I ask because I wonder if y..."
Nov 23, 2011
"Hi there - Chitchatnine told me about this post, and I wanted to respond. I just went through some testing for bowel issues, and Crohn's was a possibility. I was diagnosed with IBS, though. Has your doc done any blood work? I u..."
Nov 15, 2011
"Hi there - Someone asked me to check this out, and I agree that there is no cure for HIV. An undetectable viral load doesn't mean you don't have HIV, and you can still transmit it if you have unprotected vaginal or anal sex, or shar..."
Sep 28, 2011
"Hi there - 1:1 sounds like an old infection, or a false positive. If it was new, it would be up there like 1:416 or 1:832 or some other high number. How long after the exposure did you get the spot, and how long after did you t..."
Sep 23, 2011
"Hi there - I read through this and feel for you, I really do. I've been in this kind of life-draining relationship, and it's awful. Suing someone for an STD is tricky. You have to prove, via medical results usually, that he knew..."