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May 05, 2012
"Thanx so much! :)"
May 02, 2012
"Thank you very much! :)"
Apr 01, 2012
"Thanx for replying. I was replying to a comment about dry eyes and duct opening, but somehow, my reply ended up here. should I have been recommended something for this, like plugs? they just brush it off, but it's so very horrible."
Mar 28, 2012
"same here, but they never tell me it's anxiety... they pretty much just brush it off. One (bad) Doctor said I am just sensitive and aware of my body and that some people are like that. Also, I have extreme insomnia, so I wonder if that'..."
Mar 26, 2012
"ive had it my wholew life (i'm 30). I sleep 30mins-1hr ever night, sometimes 2-3hrs but will awaken every 30mins, and the VERY rare time i will sleep 4-5hrs, i will awaken every hr. doctors know this but do nothing about it or even seem..."
Mar 26, 2012
"I've had servere dry eye for 15yrs and also a stye for 15yrs and no one has ever offered me anything. my eyes are so dry that eye drops do not work and my contacts use to dry in my eyes and crying was the only way to get them out and to..."
Mar 26, 2012
"sounds like me"
Mar 26, 2012
"I've had servere dry eyes and a stye in my eye (duct) for 15yrs, and not one doctor or eye doctor has mentioned the option of opening my tear ducts or removing the stye. This discussion is related to Optical Migrains."
Mar 26, 2012
"A related discussion, interesting was started."
Mar 26, 2012
"i have almond oil, thanx"