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Jun 08, 2013
"It is usually around 18 weeks but some people are lucky to tell a little earlier. GL"
Jun 08, 2013
"They usually cant tell till around 18 weeks or so but some get lucky and can tell a little earlier. GL "
Jun 04, 2013
"I am going to BD every other day I started on day 9 and when I am suppose to ovulate I will probably BD that day and the day after. I talked to my dr and he said to BD starting on day 10 and going to day 20 and BDing every other day. "
Jun 03, 2013
"I have used them in the past but haven't for the last couple of cycles cause I haven't had the money to buy them. And I use to know when I ovulated but I had a Laparoscopy done on 4-17 and I am just confused because I had my period befor..."
Jun 02, 2013
"My DH has a sperm count of about 15 million so should we BD every day or every other day??? I want to make sure we have a high chance of getting pregnant!!! I had a laparoscopy done on 4-17-13 I had endometriosis. The Dr said I should be..."
May 18, 2013
"Hi I had me laparoscopy done on April 17th I bleed for a week I asked my doctor if that was my period and he said no. I got my period on April 7th-10th I started taking birth control pills the day I started. As of yet I haven't started i..."
May 16, 2013
"How long after a laparoscopy does it take to have a period? I had one done on April 17th and I bleed for a week. But I haven't got my period yet. My last period was April 7th thru the 10th."
May 11, 2013
"Thank you I am still waiting for AF to show up so we can try I am hoping we can conceive naturally. "
May 06, 2013
"Thank you. My dr said I should conceive but I am scard I won't be able to"
May 02, 2013
"Has anyone had endometriosis and still got pregnant?? I had a laparoscopy done they said I had some endometriosis. Just wondering if anyone has ever gotten pregnant after finding out they had endometriosis and had a laparoscopy done??????"