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Apr 13, 2012
"u should be seen by ur primary care doctor.drink water..u need to make sure u doin everythin ok like eating is a big one.....I hope eberythin will be okay"
Apr 11, 2012
"It is tough becuz i wanted a baby sence i was 18 im tryin not to stress out and i might have PCOS so i hope that not y i cant get pregnant and thank you very much i wish the best of luck to u to.... :) "
Apr 10, 2012
"thank u very much for ur advice i appreciate it "
Apr 10, 2012
"what does that do i never heard about that.Thank u for ur advice i appreciate i been tryin to get pregnant sence i was 18 and wasnt happend at all i am now 20 goin to b 21 and i want to have a baby i am ready"
Apr 10, 2012
"thank you i will try that "
Mar 31, 2012
"I been smokin sence I was 9 I am now 20 i smoke about 1-2 packs a day I have what u call the smokin cough.How can i quit im tired of not sleepin at nite cuz of the coughin I am tired of wakin up every mornin coughin...what can i do?"
Mar 30, 2012
"how can i can get pregnant?"