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Apr 18, 2012
"that sounds frightening i think a dr visit is immediately needed. good luck"
Apr 13, 2012
"what its sounds like is social anxiety disorder. i have it and i have similar problems. try watching this video it may help to clear things up. i know how hard that can be to deal with i wish you luck in getting better :) http://www.y..."
Apr 13, 2012
"hi there. im 21 years old, female and i am not sure how much i weight but im assuming close to 300lbs if not actually there and i have been losing weight slowly. anyways for the past two days i have been having extremely painful sharp pa..."
Apr 09, 2012
"i am 22 years old and i was just playing a video game with my husband tonight. we were talking on mics to a friend on our team and all of a sudden it felt like my brain was shaking in my head! i was panicked like omg am i having a seizur..."