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Jun 04, 2014
"Hi From the sounds of it - you trying to stop eating and then 'eating bad' sounds like you are developing an eating disorder (binge eating disorder) or food addiction. To find out if you are have an eating disorder, you need to contac..."
Jun 04, 2014
"Hi You may want to direct your question to the expert in obsetrics, but I can say a few things. Did you know that pregnancy is a very difficult time when it comes to eating? Pregnancy is a time of hormones gone wild: the increas..."
May 30, 2014
"Hi there You have not given me enough information to know what you are eating, or if you are actually addicted to food. I can give you a couple of tips though - that could make a big difference. Are you drinking soda - sugar or u..."
May 16, 2014
"I would not encourage you to drink something with as much caffeine as is in a red bull drink. Even if you are not pregnant, too much caffeine can cause anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate and high blood pressure. You can get addicted..."
Apr 17, 2014
" Hi TooMuchSugar How you describe yourself makes me think you very well may be a food addict. Have a look at the questions below my response to see if they apply to you. Even if you are not a food addict, you will be lured by sug..."
Apr 15, 2014
"Hi Do you mean is tuna fish addictive? I am not aware that it has any addictive qualities. Eating too much tuna may expose you to too much mercury however. "
Apr 10, 2014
"Hi From the description of your struggles with sugar, it really sounds like you may be a sugar addict. Please see the list of criteria below, to see if this fits - it certainly sounds like it does. You will need to figure out if y..."
Mar 30, 2014
"Hi I am not sure what you are asking - why is it that you are hungry after only two hours after a meal? If that is it - yes, what people have told you might be correct. You could by hypoglyemic, which means that when you eat a sug..."
Mar 29, 2014
"I am not an expert in weight loss, or in the use of supplements, but rather in the topic of food addiction. I can suggest a couple of food plans that will aid in weight loss, and are also, with some tweaking (the removal of sugar an..."
Mar 28, 2014
" It really sounds like you are using food for a sense of comfort and safety. You eat when you are angry or depressed. You are not alone - this is probably the most common coping device that people rely on to get through rough patches. ..."