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Jun 05, 2012
"HI there. I am on day 5 also. CONGRATS! I still feel a bit shakey, and fatigued, but SO much better than the first 4 days. Like you, I too am afraid that this is a false feeling. Am I going to crash and feel like crap later today, or tom..."
Jun 04, 2012
"Hi everyone. Today is my 4th day of WD from high doses of oxy. I have been taking suboxone, but the last time I quit opiates -2 years ago -I also used Suboxone, and I had bad suboxone withdrawls about 3 days after my last dose. So, I do..."
Jun 04, 2012
"I am so proud of you! I am on day 4 of my with drawls. I used suboxone for the first 3 days. I guess it helped a little. Not as much as I thought it would, though. I keep telling myself that "this too shall pass". Just hang in there and..."
Jun 04, 2012
"Congratulations!!! You have given me some much needed strength and encouragement. I am on day 4 of with drawls, with the help of suboxone. I still feel week and a bit fuzzy. I thought I would be feeling much better by now. Hearing that ..."
Jun 04, 2012
"Hi Orabel, I remember the first time I quit taking my percs and oxys. I ran out of them and wasn't due for a refil for 3 days. About 12 hours after taking my last pill, I started to feel REALLY sick. I was truly convinced I had the flu...."
Jun 04, 2012
"Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and for the brutal honesty of the situation. I am on day 4 of suboxone treatment. HORRIBLE! I remember it being so much easier the last time I quit. At least today I am out of bed and I f..."
May 17, 2012
"I've been on opiates for 14 years (I was in a bad motorcylcle accident), but the last 4 years have been a living hell. Two years ago I quit taking oxy's, with the help of suboxone. It was a very rough 10 days, but I did it. The thing I h..."