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Dec 06, 2013
"Thank you guys for all your helpful comments. I recently turned 20 and unfortunately am still looking for my birth parents. I have had no luck so i took a bit of a break to focus on nursing school and my daughter. I am still desperate to..."
Jan 12, 2013
"I'm sorry about your son, I really hope they find what's wrong and can get him feeling better and can ease your worries. I have a daughter myself and I know I would feel horrible if I saw her hooked up to wires and she was passing out fo..."
Jul 31, 2012
"My adoptive parents don't want to help. I don't even know how much info they know. They just said it was a closed adoption and that when birth parents have closed adoptions it mean they don't ever want to see there kid again. But in my c..."
Jun 13, 2012
"I am 18 and I'm adopted but my adoption was a closed adoption. I know little to nothing about my birth parents and I know that one of the reason for a closed adoption is for it to be "closed" no contact, no names,no finding out. But I r..."
Jun 13, 2012
"About 5 mnths ago I had a miscarriage and after having an ultrasound I found out I had a large ovarian cyst, finally less than a week ago I had laparoscopy to have the cyst removed while preforming the surgery my doctor saw that I have e..."