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You will have to find that out from the "Doctor" that wrote out the RX. Return for a "glasses Recheck" most ophthalmologists and optometrists don't charge for that if done within a month of getting the new glasses. BTW the first number should have a plus + or minus - in front of it. JCH
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How well you see will depend on if the retina is attached, if the macula was pulled off before the surgery, if the macula is damaged or a membrane forms on the macula, wither the other parts of the eye have problems like cataracts. Even if the retina is reattached it may not achieve normal vision. Thus it may be 6-12 months before you know the final result...
19 hours in the Eye Care Community - 8
Yes ask about bifocals, atropine eye drops, ortho-K contacts lens and there is one other eye drop used to slow down myopia progression but the name escapes me at present. Also an hour or more of outdoor play has been shown to be helpful JCHJ MD
19 hours in the Eye Care Community - 1
If peripheral vision and reduced depth perception wee normal before the cataract developed and are reduced because of the cataract than yes the IOL will help. Note both are binocular functions and may require surgery on both eyes to return to normal JCH MD
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I would suggest you make an appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist at one of the Chicago area medical schools. JCHMD
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It is a great mistake to leave your angles closed and IOP > 40. If you don't feel comfortable get an emergency consult TODAY from a different ophthalmologist. Your vision being down in the eye with the LIP could be due to damage to the eye during the acute angle closure attack, residual corneal edema, cataracts that formed or progressed due to the...
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A PVD may sometimes, but not always, be detached with direct or indirect ophthalmoscope And OCT may show a PVD but looks at a very narrow band of the eye. Thus a PVD may exist but not show up on OCT JCH MD
22 hours in the Eye Care Community - 1
See an ophthalmologist, ideally one with a speciality in cornea diease. You are describing recurrent corneal erosions. Use the search feature and archives and go on Dr. Hagan's blog. There is much written about treatment of RCES JCH MD