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Jun 22, 2014
"Please go to a doctor or hospital now if you are that worried. It is better to be safe than sorry."
Jun 21, 2014
"Hi John, You should really post your question to a Medical Doctor versed in infectious diseases at medhelp. But, if you are really concerned it would be best to see a physician there in Vietnam who has familiarity in local diseases. R..."
Jun 16, 2014
"The lameness issue may be unrelated to the itching. The itching does sound like either an environmental or food allergy and should be treated by your veterinarian. The rawness and bleeding means that she probably requires an antibiotic..."
Jun 15, 2014
"For a patient's kidney's to be affected adversely the BUN and Creatinine must be elevated, or even just the creatinine. An elevation of BUN alone is not enough to rule out kidney disease. Only when the kidneys are malfunctioning 75% o..."
Apr 04, 2014
"It sounds as if your vet has performed a great diagnostic profile. The additional tests that I would perform would be an infectious profile for tick borne diseases (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme, Anaplasma, Babesia etc.) and Leptos..."
Mar 26, 2014
"That is an exceptionally high HCT. I think that you are over analyzing a bit. All of the handling of blood and stress related issues and splenic contractions would only have marginal effect on results. When X-Rays are inconclusive an ..."
Mar 07, 2014
"Cats, if infected with toxoplasmosis, only shed the disease for 2 weeks or so in feces during their life time. Since your cats go outside they can become infected at any time (if not already infected). Your veterinarian can diagnosis ..."
Nov 22, 2013
"She did understand your words and you will be reunited eventually. "
Nov 21, 2013
"Hello again Sabrina 02, I believe there is a heaven for all creatures whatever religion or non-religion you may adhere to and I believe that your dog is there now thanking you for all you did for her and enjoying her perfect heart and..."
Nov 20, 2013
"Dear Sabrina, I am so sorry that you had to make such a sad but necessary decision for your dog. But I sincerely think that that you really made the right decision. Due to the severity of her heart condition I don't believe that..."