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Dec 15, 2010 in the Herpes Community - 5
IGG is the best test for HSV1 and often isn't positive until 12-16 weeks. IGM is problematic because it has : many false positives: 1) it can be elevated even in recurrance 2) it can be elevated when cross reacting with other viruses even with HSV2. many false negatives: as many as half of those with positive cultures proving HSV1 have a negativ...
Dec 13, 2010 in the Herpes Community - 1
I'm sorry for your discomfort in your penis, it can be a very frightening and frustrating experience. It's reassuring that a broad screening for STDs was negative. It's reassuring that a few physicians have suspected balanitis rather than STDs. Balanitis can be stubborn, even with antifungal treatment with creams. It's also impor...
Although fissures can cause bleeding, they are painful. Bleeding from prednisone or enbrel does not stop so quickly. A recent colonoscopy is reassuring to decrease the chance that cancer is causing the bleeding, and if it was cancer it would not likely stop so quickly. After rectal bleeding it's a good idea to see your regular doctor to check if...
Pain with eating after gastrectomy is common since the food needs to pass from the esophagus into the duodenum. Ask your gastroenterologist to consider looking into esophageal dysmotility as a reason for the pain. Enoch Choi, MD
I'm sorry you're experiencing stabbing right side pains. Although the tests you've recieved are reassuring, they are not the best at looking at the gallbladder which could benefit from a HIDA scan, MRI or upper endoscopy EGD. Enoch Choi, MD
An elevated alkaline phosphatase is a non-specific test and can be elevated from abnormalities in bone, lung, liver and other organs. It's reasonable to look into why it's progressively increasing since it's a definite trend. A gastroenterologist can help if your own primary care physician can't find a reason Enoch Choi, MD
Blood tests for H Pylori will be positive in blood for a long time after treatment, but the stool test for H Pylori should be negative after adequate treatment. Enoch Choi, MD
Gizzie, I'm glad you never feel sick, but I'm concerned about your diaphragm and rib cage pressure that's constant with backaches. GERD most often gives burning sensation, or sharp pains. It's more concerning of muscular strain or gallbladder or liver problems, which you could ask your doctor about. Enoch Choi, MD
The normal testing to date is reassuring, but with as significant stool changes that you've had, you could consider asking for a colonoscopy Enoch Choi, MD
Raja, It's not a good idea to take supplements if they make one confused and dizzy. They are not regulated by the FDA and can have things in them that you don't expect. These side effects can cause stomach burning and should be avoided Enoch Choi, MD